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GuruAid is the Technical Solutions Division of Lester Inc, a company incorporated in 1981 in the U.S. and based in East Haven, Connecticut.
Our mission is to make technology work for small businesses and connected homes. Users are grappling to keep pace with the blistering pace of innovation in information technology. We help customers deal with this complexity.
We help customers deal with this complexity by assisting them in product purchase, deploying technology, learning to use technology, and troubleshooting complex problems so as to make IT hassle free.

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Support for Kaspersky® Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security delivers premium protection from internet threats and ensures the security of your identity and financial data while online banking and shopping. Kaspersky Internet security features antivirus, anti-spyware and parental control. Kaspersky Internet Security can be installed by downloading or from a CD purchased at retail outlet. Kaspersky Internet Security installation may face problems such as "error 1304" during installation process, setup wizard malfunctions after running installation file, or product key recognition issues. GuruAid's security experts can resolve related Kaspersky Internet Security software installation issues.
Internet Security software, given growing nature of security threats, is becoming more advanced and complicated. Kaspersky Internet Security software is no exception. Unexpected problems can often result from the complex interactions while scanning the security software and the operating system. For example, Kaspersky Internet Security software malfunctions can sometimes cause internet connection problems, built-in firewalls can conflict with existing firewall, or an older version of Kaspersky cannot be uninstalled. Fixing these problems is not easy. GuruAid can help you troubleshoot these issues.
All anti-virus software identifies viruses by comparing the data source of virus signatures with the bit stream of the information and files on a pc. Since the signature data source is huge and a user may have thousands of new information, e-mails and other document, this process needs time and also requires micro-processor time. This means that depending on how Kaspersky Internet Security software application has been configured other applications can slow down while opening, closing or rebooting. GuruAid technicians know the different techniques to ensure that your pc efficiency is not affected as a result of Kaspersky Internet Security application.
Kaspersky Internet Security is simple to set up and use. But if you are not technically savvy you probably need assistance. Kaspersky Internet Security features protection from new and emerging viruses & spyware, safety from unknown files & websites, two-way firewall for blocking hacker attacks and prevents dangerous applications from harming your system. However, some of these features are complicated for many users and like other security software providers, Kaspersky suggests customer to check its web page for guidelines. GuruAid security professionals can help you with such software usage problems.