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GuruAid is the Technical Solutions Division of Lester Inc, a company incorporated in 1981 in the U.S. and based in East Haven, Connecticut.
Our mission is to make technology work for small businesses and connected homes. Users are grappling to keep pace with the blistering pace of innovation in information technology. We help customers deal with this complexity.
We help customers deal with this complexity by assisting them in product purchase, deploying technology, learning to use technology, and troubleshooting complex problems so as to make IT hassle free.

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Support for Dell® Device Drivers

Dell carries a complete printer & scanner product line which is plug-n-play. This means that the device drivers are automatically installed when you connect a Dell peripheral to your computer. But occasionally the driver installation does not work because of issues with device drivers or operating system setting or some other software or hardware problem. Also printer drivers that have been installed successfully, sometimes stop working because of device driver corruption or an new update overwriting the old device driver. Our experts can help sort out all driver installation issues.
Device drivers are software that allows applications such as files, documents to print or scan documents using Dell printers. This software on occasion can malfunction or get corrupted. When this happens you will be unable to use your Dell printer or some other peripheral. You can always visit the Dell official website for driver downloads and install one, but that can be sometimes tricky and time confusing, particularly for all-in-one or networked printers. We can fix most software problems you face with your printer device drivers. We will make sure your device drivers are up-to-date, the printer spooler is operational, and check and fix other underlying components.
Printers are closed hardware devices and as such are not vulnerable to performance degradation. Hence if it is taking longer for you to print, scan, or fax a document it may point to some other problem. Perhaps the device driver you have installed or your computer OS which has automatically updated is malfunctioning. Or there could be other more serious problem. You need a qualified company like GuruAid to find the root cause and optimize your Dell printer and computer performance.
Dell Printers like all printers are plug-n-play. Once installed, the printer icon automatically appears in the applications and printing is relatively straightforward. The two exceptions are all-in-one printers & networked wireless or wired printers. Scanning or faxing a document using an All-In-One printer, even with the tools provided by Dell is sometimes hard and erratic. And setting up networked printer so that it can be shared by other users in your home and business also requires technical skills. You need someone like GuruAid to help you with these and other printing chores.